Delight in three layers of cake paired with two generous layers of filling. Kate’s Kupcakes uses real buttercream, offers a variety of flavors and fillings, and tailors everything ­­— from taste to design — to your personal preferences.

Cake Flavors

Chocolate – Dark chocolate – Vanilla – Yellow – Red velvet – Brown sugar – Cookies and cream – Lemon – Lime
Strawberry (seasonal) – Carrot cake – Pumpkin spice – Apple cider (seasonal) – Coconut
Banana – Blueberry – Almond – Apple Cider – Spice – ButterBeer – Churro – Margarita – Pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice – Pancake Don’t see the flavor you would like? Ask!


Vanilla – Chocolate – Chocolate Fudge – Dark chocolate – Salted caramel – Lemon -Lime
Strawberry (seasonal) – Peanut butter – Marshmallow – Cookies and cream – Cookie dough
Brown sugar – Almond Don’t see the flavor you would like? Ask! cake

Do you offer nut or gluten-free products?

We use multiple nut and flour types in our kitchen.  We are unable to promise an allergen-free product.  For those with allergies, we recommend using caution when you come in contact, or consume, products from Kate’s Kupcakes.

Kate’s Kupcakes reserves the right to adjust/change prices at any time.  Please confirm all pricing with Kate’s Kupcakes prior to order placement